Villa Holidays Abroad How to Not Lose Out

Booking a villa for your next holiday can go either of two ways; it can either be extremely smooth and fun or it can turn into a total tragedy. With enough planning and the right contacts, you can avoid mishaps that occur when trying to book a holiday villa abroad.

Holidays should be exiting, relaxing and fun. To ensure that you get the best out of your holiday, you need to engage the right service providers.

However with the several recent high profile failures and holiday makers left stranded with their families and no accommodation on arrival, it is critical to ensure that you use the right agent.  One way to be sure is to only book with villa companies who exclusively manage the villas they book, and not just provide an internet agency service to any and every villa they can find, for the usual 10-20% charge. This ensures they have a direct interest in how well your villa is run, if they are responsible for all service calls, not out partying with their phone off, while you are in need of help.

Avoiding Fraudsters: Tips for Beginners 

 Making Payments

It is very easy for you to lose a lot of money when making a villa booking. Always insist on a written contract before signing off on payments. If there is a deposit to be paid, ensure that the amount is within reason. Conditions for a refund should also be laid out clearly.

Never take anything for granted. Read all the small print on the villa website before booking to avoid misunderstandings. Traceable payment methods are best when booking for a holiday villa so you must have your credit card handy. Some money transfer methods expose you to fraudsters because trailing their origin is difficult.

Confirming the Villa and Operator Existence

Fraudsters have now taken to creating fake villa websites and receiving payments from innocent victims who have no idea that they are being conned. Always check the validity of villa property by checking the date the villa joined the site they are advertising on.

A villa that has been in existence for long is less likely to be a scam. Google maps are a great way to locate a supposed villa. Use the street view option to compare what you find with what is posted online. If they do not match up then you need to look for a different villa. Reviews by previous guests will also help you confirm existence. The reviews should be objective i.e. not just overly positive reviews.


Most villa fraud cases that have been reported to the authorities in the UK indicate that most fraudsters pose as the villa owners, receive payments then take off with the money. Believe it or not it is safer to pay for your villa holiday using a tour operator. They are liable in case of any fraud and will refund your cash.

When you visit a villa website try as much as possible to speak directly to villa owners. Always search the website for a land line number. This is harder to fake compared to a mobile phone number. You can also try calling local estate agents asking about the propertly independently. Always listen to your sixth sense when it comes to villa bookings. If you smell a rat, there probably is one.

How to Get Great Deals for Your Villa Holiday

Book Well In Advance

Advance booking is always cheaper when it comes to villa holidays. If you are fond of last minute discounts, you will be grappling for anything available and villa owners take advantage of this to make you pay outrageous amounts. So if you are planning a holiday, do it before the onset of the holiday season. The prices are usually much lower due to low demand.

Ask For Discounts?

Most people do not do this for fear of coming across as cheap but it can sometimes work. Under the right circumstances consider asking for a discount on the amount payable. The villa owner may need your business and he or she will always not turn you away simply because you asked for a discount. They may not reduce your accommodation fee but they may instead throw in a free dinner or breakfast.  

Cases of fraud are on the increase but this does not mean that you cannot steer clear of fraudsters and enjoy your holiday. By putting the above tips into consideration you can bet that your next stay at a villa will be one to remember. The secret is to start early and to take your time doing due diligence. Developing a long term relationship with your travel agent also goes a long way.

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