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10 reasons you shouldnt use chesterton humberts estate agents

Importance of choosing the right estate agent

Home is where the heart is, and when it comes to anything that’s even remotely related to the activities of renting, purchasing, selling or leasing homes, the importance of choosing the right estate agent can become a major factor that determines the efficiency and success of the process. While the right estate agent can actually bring about a significant number of benefits for you in terms of cost control, value for money and hassle-free sale or purchase, making the wrong choice can actually wreak havoc into your life! That’s exactly why you need to understand the undying significance of an experienced and professional estate agent to handle the matters of real estate for you.

Scrolling through bad reviews

One very important step that is involved while you conduct a background check of a prospective estate agent is by reading their online reviews. In addition to reading online reviews, you can also try and get in touch with their past clients, who will provide you with valuable feedback on the viability of services of the agent that you are considering to liaise with. The minute you come across a bad online review, it is bound to happen so that all is not well as it seems. For instance, if you leaf through chesterton humberts reviews,, you will understand how badly the reviews you are and why in particular you should definitely not think of liaising with this particular organization. Do remember that the reviews that you read need to be from a reliable source and have nothing to do with pre-judged or paid reviews.

Need for a thorough background check

A process as crucial as a background check should never be ignored from your end, and if you are successful at doing so, your chances of finding a trustworthy agent definitely shoots up. For example, the terrible online reviews and feedback in the case of Chesterton Humberts makes it quite clear that they are strong contenders for the worst estate agents of 2014 award. If you think we’re joking, then please check the search results and online feedback yourself! An agent or real estate agency might have the fanciest website, and they might also put up rave reviews on their own website, blog or social media page, but the actual test is when their previous clients provide you with feedback in person or post their reviews and opinions online.

Everyone’s entitled to an opinion!

While some of you might feel that going on about providing a critical feedback about a company is not an ethical practice, you can definitely not deny the fact that everybody’s entitled to an opinion of their own. And this is precisely why we want to tell you that Chesterton Humberts has received some of the worst reviews of all times. This terrible company has received a one-star rating and a pathetic customer review on yell, one of the most reliable customer-feedback forums. They have even been accused of making a fictitious offer on the property of a previous client, and they also harassed them by making constant fictitious calls to the couple, even though they were not really interested in selling the property and took it off the market. In the realm of real estate, even one bad review is enough to tarnish your reputation, and that’s what this review from yell has exactly done for them.

Trust is very important

When you are dealing with an estate agent as untrustworthy as Chesterton Humberts, you actually realize the value of reliability and trust in these affairs. After all, opting for a particular agent certainly involves investment of a good amount of time, energy and money, and in spite of putting in all of these, if the outcome is still far from satisfactory, it becomes a terrible ordeal. This is exactly why you must always speak to previous clients, check the track record and only then devote your time and money towards an estate agent. In this regard, Chesterton Humberts fail to make the mark completely and their online reputation has been literally tarnished, thereby making them an agency that you definitely want to stay away from, unless and until you actually want yourself to undergo thee terrible ordeal that many others have had to bear.

The Transparent Agent Scheme

Joining the forum of transparent agents is very important in determining whether the agent in question is certified and reliable or not. Not only has Chesterton Humberts not joined this scheme, they are annoying to the maximum. Despite repeated assurance to clients, their dealings have not been transparent and they have not been able to live up to client expectations.



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