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Do you dream about the perfect holiday? Can you imagine yourself laying on a golden beach, sipping a cocktail and looking out at the sunset over the deep blue sea? Perhaps your dream holiday is trekking through the jungle, sleeping in tents and photographing the dangerous wildlife? Whatever your dream holiday may be Accommodation Location is here to help you make your dreams come true!


We are a comprehensive travel service offering a range of services that will get you from booking your holiday right through to returning home with a mind full of memories and a camera full of pictures! Here is a breakdown of the services that we offer:


We know travel and we also know how busy you are what with your everyday schedule, so we want to make it easier for you by helping you to plan your trip. We can provide you with an online login account where you will have a map planner and diary. We can help you to pin point your destinations on a virtual map, pin point your accommodations too and also mark out how long it will take you to travel and by what mode of transport. You will have an online itinerary to view which you can add to and ammend whenever you make changes to your trip.



We can help you with the booking too! We know the best flights and accommodation all over the world, so we can not only advise you on the best companies to go through but we can make the bookings for you too! What's more is once we have made the booking, the details will not only be emailed to you in the form of a confirmation but they will also show up on your itinerary and virtual map! We can also book any excursions, trips and adventures that you want to take part in and add these to your itinerary and virtual map too!



We can be your point of contact while you are away so if you require any information or want to speak with flight companies or hotels ahead of time we can do that for you!



We offer free advice on health and safety for your destinations. We provide lists of things for you to pack, both essentials and suggested. We also tell you what immunisations are needed and any medication or protective clothing required too.



We have all the information on the culture, food and customs in your destination. We can help you to learn some basic phrases in the language and also advise you on the must see and do things while you are there!



If for any reason you require assistance then call our free helpline 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We can be your go to between the embassy, government, medical teams and police. We can also get in touch with your insurance company to ensure that you feel completely safe while on your dream holiday! 



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I always use Accommodation Location for my travel needs. They know all of the great hotels, flight companies and trips to take. They give friendly advice and always with a smile! I definitely recommend them to my friends!
Lucy Black

Happy Client

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Accommodation Location is the best travel service around! They give free, friendly and professional advice and are always up to date with the latest travel news and information. Me and my family always use them for our trips!
Jim Bean